Article submission 

Closing date for inclusion of articles or advertising from each issue is the 15th of the month prior to publication..
Editorial Policy
A copy of the editorial policy can be downloaded here. 


Guidelines for article submission 



In order for us to be able to try and publish all the material we receive we request that articles be limited to approximately 250 words and follow the guidelines for style and format below.


Please remember that articles must reach us no later than the 15th of the month prior to publication.


Some tips to assist in the publication of an interesting & informative articles:


  • Keep your article to approximately 250 words

  • Remember to use the 5 W’s – who is involved: what’s happening; when will it happen; where and most importantly why?

  • Be clear and concise in the writing as possible.

  • Please send picture/s if they are available as an attachment only, along with a suitable caption. Do not imbed pictures in the document. Ensure they are good quality and high resolutions.

  • Please include “Submitted by…” at the end of the article.

  • Please write as 9.30am not 9:30AM, all days and months in full words.

  • Remove http:// from the start of any web address.

  • Use Word to type your article in (where possible)•Proof read before sending.

  • Don’t use many exclamation points!!!!!, or question marks, one will suffice!

  • Please don’t use ALL CAPS in your article

  • Headlines require only the initial word and proper nouns with capitals

  • Text should not be placed in tables or text boxes.

  • Don’t send articles that are set up as a poster or flyer, text only.

  • Check your spelling and punctuation.  Incorrect grammar will be corrected.

  • Press enter only once in between paragraphs. While it may look presentable on your screen, it complicates editing.


Please note, we may ask you to resubmit your article with corrections and edits

if it fails to match the above criteria.

Article Submission by Email only


Email submissions to


We can accept text in the body of the email, or Word (.doc, .docx), text (.txt) and rich text formats (.rtf) attachments for text submissions.

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